Preschool Program

Incorporating mindful & meaningful practices into your child’s early education

Like the Lotus Flower, we want children to bloom to their brightest potential.

We are a preschool program that offers children time to play,  time to build strength and time to slow the mind though daily yoga-play. It is our intention not only to cultivate lifelong wellness through mindfulness and yoga, but nurture the whole child by offering meaningful experiences that foster growth in all areas of self.

Building and nurturing relationships through genuine caring and warmth we offer an environment for children to feel safe, secure and loved. When children feel cared for they are able to try new things, ask questions and explore their world freely.

Play gives children opportunities to explore, discover, negotiate, take risks, and solve problems – all important foundations for developing their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative self.  Yoga gives children opportunities to gain strength and flexibility, become patient with others and themselves, spatial and body awareness and most importantly calm their bodies and minds.

Preschool Program Highlights

  • We run 3 ten week sessions a year Fall, Winter and Spring Session

  • Our morning program is 3 hrs

  • Our program is play based with a focus on Kindness and Mindfulness

  • We offer daily yoga-play

  • Small class size ( maximum of 10 - 12 children per class)

  • No duty days or fundraising

  • Speech and Language screening (and resources) for each child