Preschool Highlights

We run 3 ten week sessions a year

(Fall, Winter and Spring sessions)

  • Our morning program is 3 hrs

  • Our program is play based along with kindness and mindfulness focused.

  • We offer daily yoga-play

  • Small class size ( maximum of 10 - 12 children per class)

  • No duty days or fundraising

  • Speech and Language screening (and resources) for each child

Just like the lotus flower, we want children to rise above the murky waters and become their bright and beautiful selves. Children live in a fast paced world: multiple activities, too much screen time and rushing from here to there. We are a preschool program that offers children time to play, time to build strength, and time to slow the mind though daily yoga practices.

Our philosophy is a belief that children are worthy of meaningful experiences that encourage the growth of their whole mind, body, and spirit. Building and nurturing relationships through genuine caring, warmth, and acceptance, we offer an environment for children to feel safe, secure and loved. We know that when a child feels safe, they are able to explore the world around them with a sense of confidence. This helps them to feel comfortable asking questions and learning in their own unique way.

It is our goal to reflect, and combine, Alberta’s framework curriculum of well-being, play and playfulness, communication, literacy, diversity and social responsibility, with the philosophy of yoga. It is our intention to provide a program that nurtures the whole child by offering meaningful experiences that foster growth in all areas of self: social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative. Additionally, we hope to give children the tools to maintain lifelong wellness through yoga and mindful movement.