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Yogi Irene

Guided by her mom, Irene started doing yoga in 2004, finding a fantastic way to live a happier life and enjoy the present moment. In 2015 she took her Yoga Teacher Training course and went on to become a Yoga Inbound Instructor at Vrindas Vaisnava Academy in Mexico city. She taught a variety of groups in her community, including children. In her experience of working with children, Irene has come to learn that children have a simple and creative way to see life. Irene believes that when children's free spirits are given loving guidance, as they deserve, children are capable of creating wonderful things. These lessons shine through in her teachings, as she creates space for each child to feel unique and celebrated.

Irene is fluent in Spanish and French, and she loves traveling and learning from different cultures. She is trained in some of the coolest therapies and practices you've ever heard of, from all around the world! She also LOVES cats. Irene is so happy and excited for the opportunity to share with kids the magical and healing world of yoga!

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