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About Us

Welcome to our little studio in the heart of Old Strathcona. We offer a Yoga and Mindfulness Preschool Program and a variety of family and children yoga classes. It is our intention to create a safe and welcoming space for children and families to connect to body and breath.  At Little Lotus Inc we offer families time cultivate lifelong wellness together through yoga, breath and mindful moments.  

Play. Breathe. Bloom

Our Little Studio Story

Little Lotus Inc is the brainchild of Cynthia Stobbe. As an early educator for over 25 years and a fanatic yoga practitioner, she saw the need of bringing yoga and mindfulness to children and families. In 2016 Little Lotus Inc opened as Edmonton’s first yoga and mindfulness preschool program. Since then, we have moved into our own studio and our preschool program has grown from six preschoolers to twenty-six preschoolers. Our family yoga program continues to grow as families become more aware of the need to connect through yoga, stillness, and breath.

Our Little Lotus Inc programs are based in the Yamas and Niyamas, a way to guide ourselves in this world. Yamas are how we care for others; kindness, sharing, self regulation, honesty, and respect.

Niyaymas are how we care for ourselves; happiness, togetherness, cleanliness, creativity and uniqueness.

All our classes weave the yamas and niyamas through literacy, yoga, music, movement, and breath.

At Little Lotus Inc we believe everyone needs a space to be themselves. We also believe in community and working together to bring yoga and kindness to all. We have offered, by donation, art and yoga in the park classes; we have attended events in our community, including conferences; and we have teamed up with international Meddy Teddy to offer virtual yoga classes. We are collaborating on a pilot project with Over the Rainbow to offer a specialized program for children who need extra support.

Our Little Lotus Inc programs offer all children and families a space to Play. Breathe. Bloom.

Meet our Staff


Cynthia Stobbe



Irene Garcia

Teacher's Assistant/Yoga instructor


Diana Mont

Yoga Instructor

What Families Say

"Family yoga in the park was a much needed positive connection after 3 months of online schooling in a pandemic"

— Kirsten