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Little Lotus Inc

Family Centred Yoga

Family Yoga and Preschool Program

Play. Breathe. Bloom

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Through mindful and meaningful moments, it is our intention at Little Lotus Inc to create a nurturing community for children and families to play, to breathe, to bloom.

Sadly this COVID year has not been easy for us. After 5 years we have made the tough decision to close our Brick and Mortar space.

We are restructuring and finding new ways to continue to bring Yoga and Mindfulness to children, families and educators. 

Play. Breathe. Bloom.

Our Offerings

 We offer a Yoga and Mindfulness Preschool Program and a variety of family and children Yoga classes. It is our intention to create a safe and welcoming space for children and families to connect to body and breath.  At Little Lotus Inc we offer families time to cultivate lifelong wellness together through yoga, breath and mindful moments.  

Play. Breathe. Bloom

Nursery Play

Our Little Lotus Inc Preschool program believes that children are worthy of meaningful experiences that encourage the growth of their whole mind, body, and spirit. We are a preschool program that offers children time to play, time to breathe, and time to slow the mind though daily yoga and mindfulness practices.

Our Preschool Program runs in three 10 week sessions per school calendar Fall, Winter and Spring. Children must be 3 (or a week or two from their third birthday) to attend our program.

Our Preschool Program is now Closed.

Terrific Tuesdays Online

Our Little Lotus Inc Terrific Tuesday Classes are bringing the joy of yoga to children! Our fun and active yoga and mindfulness classes incorporate stories, music and movement to engage children. Each class ends with time to relax and settle the mind and body.

Ages 3 - 6

No prior yoga experience is needed.

Classes Coming Fall 2021

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Thoughtful Thursdays Online

Our Little Lotus Inc Thoughtful Thursday Classes offers children ages 3 - 6 a chance to connect through yoga, literacy, movement, and breath. Yoga poses are explored in a fun, interactive and playful environment. Each class ends with time to connect and settle the mind and body.

Ages 3 – 6

No yoga experience is needed

Classes Coming Fall 2021

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